Surgery Results

Gastric Bypass: Mindy

Total Weight Loss: 125 lbs.

A photo can say a thousand words, seeing is believing! Looking at Mindy before and after is enough to tell an entire story. Surgery has impacted me and my life in that I am now 125 pounds lighter and I have kept the weight constant for over a year. [Read more]

Gastric Bypass: Mary

Total Weight Loss: 140 lbs.

Losing 120 pounds has been a great accomplishment for Mary and we want to congratulate her! First I would like to apologize to Laverne if this embarrasses her, but I think this story shows how quickly we change during this journey. [Read more]

Gastric Bypass: Kim

Total Weight Loss: 110 lbs.

Kim came to our office in 2008 after years of yo-yo dieting and failed weight loss attempts. Seeing her transformation in pictures doesn’t do justice. She has transformed her entire life! [Read more]

Gastric Bypass: Joanna

Gastric Bypass: Joanna Joanna came to our office determined to change her life and overcome her lifelong weight challenges. See the results for yourself! Six months after.

Gastric Bypass: Doll

Total Weight Loss: 110 lbs.

Doll has lost over 100 pounds and has motivated many with her passion for life! Congratulations! What has been the biggest change in my life since surgery? Everything – from what I eat to how much I eat, [Read more]

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