Gastric Sleeve: Sarah


How long have you been overweight?

In that picture I was about probably 278 and it was awful. It was hard to tie my shoes, it was hard to paint my own toes. It was embarrassing. I hated going shopping, I didn’t want to put any clothes on in front of anybody. I was embarrassed in front of my husband at the time. It was not fun. Definitely not a pleasant time.

How long have you been overweight?

I’ve been heavy my whole life. Even in high school I weighed 205. 205 to 210 the whole time. I remember in the summers just being at home, I wouldn’t have any activities or anything to do and so I gained – it would be nothing in the summer to gain 20, 30 pounds and just pack it on. Snacking all day and being bored, watching TV and stuff like that.

How did you feel at the time?

I was always tired. I was always wanting to take a nap, and I just didn’t have the stamina that I have now. And I knew having kids later on down the road that I would need to do something about it. I’ve tried doing the yo-yo diets, and I’ve tried phentermine and all that kind of stuff and none of that worked for me. I just gained it back ten folds. And I wanted something that could stick.

What prompted you to consider weight loss surgery?

I was done. I was tired of being the fat girl that didn’t have any energy, and I had a child and I wanted to be able to keep up with him and let a good example for him. And I didn’t want to be the mom that everybody made fun of for not being able to do things with their child. Go on playgrounds or go on rollercoasters and stuff like that, because my hips were too big or I couldn’t get the harness to latch around my chest or something of that nature.

What surgery did you select and why?

June 10th of 2016 I had my sleeve done. I wanted the reassurance and the power of knowing that I’ll never go back. I don’t ever want to be that size again. I was living but I wasn’t human living. I wasn’t happy.

What was your experience after surgery?

It wasn’t terrible pain wise. I used an abdominal binder and it kind of helped just hold everything in place when I was up walking around. I didn’t need pain medication, I didn’t need any of that kind of stuff. Getting your fluid intake in is probably the hardest, because you don’t want to drink a whole lot initially. And you could only drink those 30 mills every 10 to 15 minutes. So it was hard to force yourself to do it, but you felt better when you did do it.

How do you feel now?

Amazing. I have energy, I don’t get tired. It’s a constant thing where my son wants to ride on my back and I run laps around my house with him on my back. Throw him on the bed, he laughs and gets back up and wants back and I can keep going. I don’t have to stop. And I want to go out and do walks and go explore, and do all kinds of different things because it’s fun now being able to get on playgrounds and play with him. Do all kinds of activities with him without being exhausted and needing a nap.

How confident are you that weight won’t return?

I definitely feel confident that I’m going to keep up with the changes. At this point it’s a lifestyle now, it’s not just a fad or something that I could do and come off and go back on. I don’t want to yo-yo. You feel bad when you just go back to eating junk food and candy and things like that. I don’t want to feel that way. I felt that way long enough and I was a prisoner to food and my cravings long enough that I don’t want to go back. I’m my own person now.

What do you tell people considering weight loss surgery?

Don’t be scared, do it. If you’re even considering it go for your pre-op appointment and see because you will be blown away as to how your life changes. It’s incredible. I could have never imagined all the changes that have happened.