Gastric Bypass: Mindy

mindy success

Total Weight Loss: 125 lbs.

Surgery Date: 12/12/2008

A photo can say a thousand words, seeing is believing! Looking at Mindy before and after is enough to tell an entire story.

Surgery has impacted me and my life in that I am now 125 pounds lighter and I have kept the weight constant for over a year. I am healthier since surgery and I plan to keep the new healthier lifestyle going. I no longer feel the need to eat for comfort and eat only when I am hungry. My family has been affected also. The foods they were used to eating are no longer kept at home. My daughter has lost weight also and she is making much better choices when eating and cooking. My success so far has been helped by my friends, family, coworkers, and the support of the bariatric weight loss team. Support is very important when a person decides on doing this type of procedure. It is life changing for the entire family. My WOW moment was when I changed jobs and had to buy office attire. I went to the section where I had previously bought clothes and I did not fit into any of them. The sales lady was very helpful and found several outfits for me to try on and they were single digit clothes. The biggest change in my life since surgery is that my confidence level is higher now. I will start conversations with people that I do not know while in the store or other places. I have changed jobs since surgery and am looking forward to more changes in my life. I no longer see someone who is overweight when I look in the mirror.