Gastric Bypass: Mary

mary success

Total Weight Loss: 140 lbs.

Losing 120 pounds has been a great accomplishment for Mary and we want to congratulate her!
Surgery Date: 11/3/2009
Health Improvements: Improved asthma and no longer borderline diabetic Mary’s Testimonial


First I would like to apologize to Laverne if this embarrasses her, but I think this story shows how quickly we change during this journey. This actually occurred at last year’s fashion show. You all know Laverne, she attends many of our support groups and is our support group leader. Before I get to the story, I want to thank her for all she has done for our support group and for one little tidbit of wisdom I will never forget. At one of our support groups before I had surgery we were talking about triggers and eating bad things and how to deal with that. One of the things she said she always tries to remember is “They will still be making chips tomorrow.” I think about this when making a decision about eating something not so great or passing it up. This one thing has helped me pass up many a bad thing during the last 2 years. Thank you Laverne. Now on to the story. At last year’s fashion show we were all sitting in the back room waiting for the show to begin and I was sitting there talking to Laverne, when she says to me, “Where is your sister Mary at? Couldn’t she make it tonight?” I laughed and said “Umm, I am Mary.” Not only did she think I was my sister Kim, she didn’t recognize Kim who was sitting right next to me. While I am sorry that this story may embarrass Laverne a little, it makes me realize how quickly we change in such a short time.