Gastric Bypass: Kim

kim success

Total Weight Loss: 110 lbs.

Health Improvements: Resolved HTN, High Cholesterol, Resolution of borderline diabetes and improved asthma symptoms

Kim came to our office in 2008 after years of yo-yo dieting and failed weight loss attempts. Seeing her transformation in pictures doesn’t do justice. She has transformed her entire life!

This year’s motto is “Forward”: thinking forward, looking forward, moving forward. As I am coming up on my 3 year surgery celebration, I now realize how important letting go of past habits, past body images and past negativity is to my future. Using this surgery as a tool has allowed me to move forward and reach beyond the narrow “world” I had created for myself. For me, losing the weight has given me the strength to reach out and try new things. Now it is always Forward. I would like to say a few “Thank You’s”: I would like to acknowledge the support and guidance of Dr. Basa, along with the instructional tools provided by her office, which enabled me to be successful. Thank you to my sister who has always provided unconditional support and encouragement throughout my journey. And finally my husband and kids, every day I reap the benefit of being healthy because I know I am a better person, mother and spouse.