Gastric Bypass: Doll

doll success

Total Weight Loss: 110 lbs.

Doll has lost over 100 pounds and has motivated many with her passion for life! Congratulations!
Surgery Date: 8/25/2009
Health Improvements: Hypertension Resolved


What has been the biggest change in my life since surgery? Everything – from what I eat to how much I eat, I take vitamins, I exercise and exercise often, I shop in regular sizes not “women’s”, I feel good about myself and am not ashamed. Since surgery, I see myself as a more confident, more healthy person who can actually do this! The biggest change is that I now have a tool to assist me in staying status quo – which is definitely something that I have never done. My hero’s during this journey have been Dr. Basa for giving me this tool, my husband for being my fashion police, my family for being supportive and Laurie for being my friend from the beginning, even in the hospital. A “WOW” moment for me was when the “Skinny Jeans” (size 16) that I use to lose weight and get into were too big!