Gastric Bypass: Cheryl

Cheryl success

Total Weight Loss: 65 lbs.

Surgery Date: 2/9/2010

Health Improvements: Hypertension Resolved

What has been the biggest change in my life since surgery? I feel like I am a part of society. I fit in and feel like I belong. I feel so alive and it is fun to shop with my daughter now. My weight loss has encouraged others around me to lose weight and exercise. A “wow” moment for me? It’s been 1 1/2 years since my surgery and I still can’t believe how full I am after eating such a small amount of food. I have WOW moments every time I leave food on my plate and I don’t have that urge to scarf it all down. Since surgery, I have better success when I come to support group and see my doctor on a regular basis. I just finished a three month vacation where I did not gain any weight, that’s never happened before in my life. I was able to hold myself accountable, my doctor and support group taught me that. Thanks a Million Doctor Basa and Support Group. My hero during this journey has been my husband David, he stood by me for everything, drove me to appointments, took care of me after surgery, and encourages me every day but more important he loved me no matter what.