Surgery Results

Gastric Sleeve: Katy

Everyone says it’s not about the numbers, but let’s face it, it’s about the numbers! One year ago today I had my gastric sleeve surgery at Cedar Park Regional Medical Center. I had my last follow-up appointment this morning with Jessica, and took a walk down memory lane with Melissa by my side. I had no idea how emotional that “walk” would be, standing in the pre-op area, taking these surgiversary photos. On August 23, 2016, I was filled with hope, doubt, failure, excitement, anxiety…you name it, I had it! [Read more]

Gastric Sleeve: Darren

You know I was a very thin guy as a young man. My parents got divorced when I was 13 and we moved off to a strange place, and I just got fat and stayed fat. I went from being a very active young person to a couch potato. [Read more]

Gastric Sleeve: Sarah

In that picture I was about probably 278 and it was awful. It was hard to tie my shoes, it was hard to paint my own toes. It was embarrassing. I hated going shopping, I didn’t want to put any clothes on in front of anybody. I was embarrassed in front of my husband at the time. It was not fun. Definitely not a pleasant time. [Read more]

Gastric Sleeve: Kelly

You try to live a normal life as much as possible. When you get to parts where’s its limitating such as flying in an airplane. When I got to my heaviest it got to the point, I could sit in a normal airplane seat but I had to get an extension for my seatbelt which is embarrassing. You feel shame and you want to hid that. Also just not being able to be as active. I’ve always been an active person, hiking and things like that, water sports or zip lining – adventurous stuff that I would love to do you just can’t do it. The other big thing is shopping. Shopping for clothes – there’s options but there’s always limitations as well. [Read more]

Gastric Sleeve: Jason

I remember Dr. Basa came in after my surgery to check in on me, and I started doing what I’m doing now I started getting emotional because I looked at her and I said thank you for saving my life. Because it does, it changes your life forever. My worse ever was probably you know eight or nine years ago where I was at about 445 pounds. And I’m talking like 5X shirts, 56, 58 inch pants. I mean it was my rock bottom. [Read more]

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