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  1. Struggling to lose weight.
  2. Preparing for weight loss surgery.
  3. Working on lifestyle change.
  4. Gaining weight after lap-band surgery.

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If you are currently losing weight under the care of a physician or thinking about starting, these support videos may be the difference you need for long-term success.

Cedar Park Surgeons Drs. Nicole Basa and Alan Abando may not be your weight loss doctors.  However, they have a commitment to fostering healthy habits and to help people live a life that they deserve without the burden of excess weight.  That is why they are making these helpful weight loss tips available to you and to their many successful weight loss patients.

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Video help for Lifestyle Change
  • Twenty-four short (3-6 minute) lifestyle videos
  • Appropriate for use with either medical or surgical weight loss
  • A new video reminder email every 2 weeks
  • An opportunity to ask questions
  • Easy optional challenges to practice along the way

What are the Videos About?


What are the right foods to eat for weight loss? How much protein is enough? How can you reduce carbohydrates in your diet? These, and a lot more nutrition related topics are covered with simple tips on how to change your diet for the better without feeling deprived.


Having difficulty getting moving? You aren't alone. Dr Abando and Dr Basa understand what you are going through. These videos aren't about trying to make you an Olympian. They just want to help you find an activity you can enjoy and stick with it so that you get all the benefits you can from becoming active.


No surgery or weight loss program can be successful unless you change the behaviors that caused you to gain weight originally. Our behavior videos look at simple strategies to get control of negative thinking and self-defeating behaviors using a straight forward program of change.

Important Information

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This is not a weight loss program

These videos are offered to you for the purposes of education and discussion. They are not an agreement from the doctors at Cedar Park Surgeons to act as your physician while you undertake weight loss. This is a support program that should be used only after discussing it with your personal physician and ensuring that any suggestion offered is appropriate to you, based on your current medical conditions and treatments.

No information contained in these videos is intended as a substitute for advice from your health care provider or physician. The information is not an advice, and should not be treated as such. The medical information on this website is provided “as is” without any representations or warranties, express or implied.

This is not an invitation to become a patient of Cedar Park Surgeons. Should you wish to explore medical or surgical weight loss options that may be available, please contact us. Unless you are a patient of our practice, we cannot offer any advice directly related to weight loss or any medical conditions through the comment boxes. If you have concerns about your health please visit your personal physician.