The Non-alcoholic Fatty Liver Affects Quietly

Physicians have recently noticed an increase in the diagnosis of fatty liver in people that do not consume excessive amounts of alcohol. Evidence shows that one in five Americans have a fatty liver which is indicative of an epidemic. [Read more]

How to Avoiding Eating When You’re Not Hungry

Mindless eating, or eating when you’re not hungry, can lead to weight gain and many health problems. However, a lot of people do it. [Read more]

3 Tips For Losing Weight and Keeping it Off

Losing weight requires changes in habits that might take adjusting to because you’ve lived with them most of your life. If you want to lose weight and maintain the loss, these changes will help. Here are three ways you can begin on your journey to weight loss. [Read more]

The WHEN of Weight Loss

Does when you eat really play a role in how likely you are to gain weight? [Read more]

Shop Smart to Lose Weight

Making changes to the way that you eat means altering how you think about food. This starts long before those late night cravings. [Read more]

Dairy or Non-Dairy?

The facts about which type of milk is actually the healthiest, and the best choice for your weight loss diet. [Read more]

Sugar Is the Real Enemy of Your Waistline

Most people, when they notice their waistlines are growing, quickly blame the fat in their diet. They start reducing the fat they eat without considering other factors that might be the true cause of their weight gain. Most of the time, the sugar we eat is the real culprit that sabotages our weight and well-being. [Read more]

5 Weight Loss Mistakes You Can Easily Avoid

No matter what your greatest food weakness might be, there’s probably a healthy version of it. Your job is to find that version. Once you’ve replaced your very favorite food, go to number 2. Before you know it, the weight will be melting off, and you’re not even technically dieting; you’re just re-discovering the foodie in you. Now that you have a plan, the hard part is done. Welcome to the healthier, skinnier you! You just got a step closer [Read more]

Combating Weight Gain After 50

Weight gain may seem to be an inevitable part of aging, but it’s not. While there are several reasons an individual’s weight might increase as they get older, there are also ways to deal with it. Causes of age-related weight gain after weight loss surgery, include slowing metabolism. A slower metabolism results in fewer calories burned even when the level of activity remains the same. Muscle mass also decreases with age; seniors lose 1-2 percent of their muscle each year after age 50. The remaining muscle can lose strength at an even faster rate, and some people lose muscle strength at a rate of 5 percent per year. [Read more]