Three Easy Tips to Eat Healthy and Lose Weight

Sometimes, when you’re on a diet, you spend so much time concentrating on carbs, fat, fiber, and calories that you forget about your level of hunger. Hunger is nature’s universal signal that you need to eat, but sometimes you can become oblivious to its demands. [Read more]

Reasons to Have a Workout Partner

No matter what your fitness goals are, having a workout partner can help you achieve them. Find a friend who is interested in fitness and start doing workouts with them. The following are some reasons you should work out with a partner: [Read more]

Four Signs Your Fitness Plan Is Not Working

When you start a workout routine, you want to stick to it to see results. However, not all fitness routines are the same. If you are following a plan that is not working for you, you should stop and look for a better one. Here are four signs that your fitness plan is not right for you: [Read more]

Five Proven Ways to Reduce Visceral Fat Levels

The fatty tissue just beneath the surface of your skin is called subcutaneous fat. It may stop you appearing trim and toned, but it’s not particularly harmful unless you carry it in excess. Of greater concern is visceral fat within the body. Visceral fat surrounds your liver, kidneys and pancreas deep in your abdomen. Studies link this type of fat with coronary heart disease, cancer and other serious illnesses. [Read more]

How to Avoiding Eating When You’re Not Hungry

Mindless eating, or eating when you’re not hungry, can lead to weight gain and many health problems. However, a lot of people do it. [Read more]

After Gastric Bypass: What Your Diet Will Be Like

When proper diet, exercise and medications fail to result in necessary or desired weight loss, an option doctors sometimes recommend to severely overweight or obese patients is gastric bypass. [Read more]

5 Surprising Facts about Working Out

Whether you are a gym veteran or someone who’s new to exercise, it’s possible that there are facts about how exercise works, that you are not aware of. Here are five ideas about exercise that you should know. [Read more]

3 Tips For Losing Weight and Keeping it Off

Losing weight requires changes in habits that might take adjusting to because you’ve lived with them most of your life. If you want to lose weight and maintain the loss, these changes will help. Here are three ways you can begin on your journey to weight loss. [Read more]

The WHEN of Weight Loss

Does when you eat really play a role in how likely you are to gain weight? [Read more]

Shop Smart to Lose Weight

Making changes to the way that you eat means altering how you think about food. This starts long before those late night cravings. [Read more]