Reasons to Have a Workout Partner

No matter what your fitness goals are, having a workout partner can help you achieve them. Find a friend who is interested in fitness and start doing workouts with them. The following are some reasons you should work out with a partner: [Read more]

Four Signs Your Fitness Plan Is Not Working

When you start a workout routine, you want to stick to it to see results. However, not all fitness routines are the same. If you are following a plan that is not working for you, you should stop and look for a better one. Here are four signs that your fitness plan is not right for you: [Read more]

5 Surprising Facts about Working Out

Whether you are a gym veteran or someone who’s new to exercise, it’s possible that there are facts about how exercise works, that you are not aware of. Here are five ideas about exercise that you should know. [Read more]

5 Weight Loss Mistakes You Can Easily Avoid

No matter what your greatest food weakness might be, there’s probably a healthy version of it. Your job is to find that version. Once you’ve replaced your very favorite food, go to number 2. Before you know it, the weight will be melting off, and you’re not even technically dieting; you’re just re-discovering the foodie in you. Now that you have a plan, the hard part is done. Welcome to the healthier, skinnier you! You just got a step closer [Read more]