Risks and Complications of Sleeve Gastrectomy Austin, Cedar Park

Every surgical procedure carries some degree of risk. Anesthesia and incisions can cause complications with even the most straightforward procedure. The risk of complications is significantly decreased when an experienced and qualified bariatric surgeon is at the helm. If you want more information about the risks of gastric sleeve surgery, contact Cedar Park Surgeons, serving Austin. We would be happy to register you for a free bariatric seminar where you can meet our team and learn more about the surgery.

Risks of Sleeve Gastrectomy

The risks of sleeve gastrectomy complications are extremely rare. The procedure is considered safe among bariatric specialists, in large part because it does not reroute the digestive tract, cause intestinal bypass, or affect the absorptive process. Gastric sleeve patients are able to absorb all nutrients as they did prior to surgery.

Complications from Sleeve Gastrectomy

Sleeve leaking: If the patient consumes a large meal, the contents of their stomach may leak at the staple line, spilling into the abdominal space and causing serious infection. In this case, the patient would need to be hospitalized, treated with a strong dose of antibiotics, and scheduled for surgical revision of their “sleeve.”

Sleeve stricture: The “sleeve” of the stomach may constrict or narrow excessively, causing complications such as frequent vomiting after meals.

Blood clots: Patients may develop blood clots in their legs while they recover in the hospital after surgery. Compression garments and walking short distances may help prevent blood clots, which can be deadly if they travel up through the body to the lungs or brain.

Wound infection: If not properly cared for, the wound at the incision site could become infected. The chances of this are rare, especially if the patient complies with the instructions of his or her surgeon and nurse.

Hernia: The patient may develop a hernia (bulging of the abdominal wall) at the site of the incision; however, since Cedar Park Surgeons perform laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy, the incisions are smaller, and the risk of hernia is decreased.

Inadequate Weight Loss: The positive effects of a gastric sleeve procedure may be cancelled out if the patient does not follow a healthy dietary plan, exercise regularly, or make other necessary behavior modifications.

It is important to note that a sleeve gastrectomy is irreversible, since a large portion of the stomach is removed from the body.

Discuss the Risks of Gastric Sleeve with One of Our Surgeons

Discussing the risks and potential complications of the sleeve gastrectomy procedure with a knowledgeable professional is the best way to make an informed decision. Our surgeons are always available to discuss any concerns that you may have. If you would like more information about the risks of the sleeve gastrectomy procedure, contact Cedar Park Surgeons, serving the Austin area. Our bariatric surgeons also host free seminars so that prospective patients can learn about our surgical weight loss options.