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Undergoing a laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy requires an enormous amount of commitment – physically, emotionally, and financially. The cost may be a barrier for individuals who are considering surgical weight loss options but find themselves unable to finance their procedure. Cedar Park Surgeons understand the monetary concerns that bariatric surgery patients have, and we are happy to speak to our patients about the possibility of insurance coverage and other ways to finance their procedures. Learn more about the cost of a sleeve gastrectomy, and contact Cedar Park Surgeons, PA, serving the Austin area, to inquire about our financing options.

Cost of Sleeve Gastrectomy (Gastric Sleeve)

Qualified and experienced surgeons will not usually quote a price for bariatric surgery without conducting an in-depth consultation with prospective patients. During a consultation with our Cedar Park surgeons, Drs. Abando and Basa will review your medical history, discuss your surgical and non surgical weight loss options, and formulate a plan for moving forward. Once you’ve decided on an appropriate course of treatment, our surgeons will provide the exact cost of your procedure(s). Although patients may shop around for pricing, they should be aware that “cheaper” does not always translate to “better quality.” Underqualified or inexperienced surgeons may charge less but put the patient at higher risk of complications.

  • Surgeon’s fees
  • Facility fees
  • Anesthesia fees
  • Pre-operative laboratory and/ or X-ray fees
  • Follow-up doctor appointments

The post-operative support program, including diet, exercise, and behavioral counseling, may not be included in the initial cost of sleeve gastrectomy surgery. Other additional costs may include pre-surgery tests, nutritional supplements, and any miscellaneous hospital charges.

Financing Gastric Sleeve Surgery

There are ways to feasibly absorb the cost of gastric sleeve surgery. Our practice is in network with most insurance providers. Depending on the patient’s medical history, their insurance plan, the medical necessity of the surgery (as deemed by a physician), and other requirements that vary by providers, insurance may cover part or all of the costs of gastric sleeve surgery. Insurance companies consider a surgery medically necessary when the patient is suffering from a co-morbidity that significantly affects their health and well-being.

Our office staff is a tremendous asset for our patients while they work with their insurance plans to determine possible coverage. Each member of our staff has years of experience working with our bariatric surgery patients and obtaining coverage for gastric sleeve or Roux-en-Y gastric bypass surgery.


Our practice also accepts CareCredit®, a healthcare financing plan that offers low or no interest payment options. CareCredit® provides flexibility for patients who want to make small, monthly payments over a longer period of time.

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To discuss the surgical cost and financing options of a sleeve gastrectomy in the Austin area, contact Cedar Park Surgeons, PA. Our team would be happy to review the fees associated with the surgery, as well as the financing options that are available to our patients. We also host free bariatric seminars where you can meet our team and learn more about the surgery.