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Prepping to Lose Weight

There are a lot of changes to think about when you are getting started on a new weight loss program, and how you are going to be able to stick to your healthy meal plan even when you are in a crunch for time is one factor that you may not think about right away. In fact, many people don’t really start to consider how to plan for this problem until they are faced with it, but at this point it is almost always too late to salvage that healthy meal. Planning to stick to your weight loss program means taking the time to plan ahead for success. This may mean taking a bit of time away from your weekend to meal prep for the coming week with quick and healthy, appropriately portioned meals that will make sticking to your weight loss goals in the coming week a total breeze. [Read more]

Hitting the Couch for Weight Loss

Weight loss experts have documented and discussed the biochemical challenges involved in losing weight. Calories have been too precious for too long for your body to give them up without a fight. Most approaches to weight loss target the difficulty of fat loss, but when it comes to controlling consumption, the solutions seem to revolve around willpower. You may be advised to buy smaller plates, restrict yourself from eating during certain times, or engage in activities to distract yourself from thoughts about food. What receives much less attention from weight loss experts is the role that your emotions play in your eating habits. The benefits of therapy when trying to lose weight are a little-explored aspect of the quest for one’s ideal weight. [Read more]

Healthy Food on the Go

Fast food is an American way of life. In the long scheme of things, it hasn’t been so long that our eating habits have been tied to drive-thru specials and processed foods, but at this point, overcoming the fast food draw is a major challenge. [Read more]

Forming Online Support Groups

The weight loss process can be a tumultuous one. There are ups and downs; good days and bad days. Working with a medical weight loss doctor can help you to start a program that is right for your body’s needs, but even with medical support in place there are still going to be times in which you’ll be tempted to give up. Acknowledging the difficult times before they begin is helpful in preparing yourself to power through them. The best way to manage those down days is to have a strong support network in place. [Read more]