Monthly Archives: September 2019

Weight Loss Surgery – 7 Things to Consider

Weight loss surgery sounds like an easy solution to a very hard problem. Obesity is hard to live with and losing the weight is even harder. Weight loss surgery is effective, but it is not a lifelong solution or the right solution for all people. [Read more]

The Non-alcoholic Fatty Liver Affects Quietly

Physicians have recently noticed an increase in the diagnosis of fatty liver in people that do not consume excessive amounts of alcohol. Evidence shows that one in five Americans have a fatty liver which is indicative of an epidemic. [Read more]

How to Avoiding Eating When You’re Not Hungry

Mindless eating, or eating when you’re not hungry, can lead to weight gain and many health problems. However, a lot of people do it. [Read more]

After Gastric Bypass: What Your Diet Will Be Like

When proper diet, exercise and medications fail to result in necessary or desired weight loss, an option doctors sometimes recommend to severely overweight or obese patients is gastric bypass. [Read more]

5 Surprising Facts about Working Out

Whether you are a gym veteran or someone who’s new to exercise, it’s possible that there are facts about how exercise works, that you are not aware of. Here are five ideas about exercise that you should know. [Read more]

3 Tips For Losing Weight and Keeping it Off

Losing weight requires changes in habits that might take adjusting to because you’ve lived with them most of your life. If you want to lose weight and maintain the loss, these changes will help. Here are three ways you can begin on your journey to weight loss. [Read more]